Sunday, July 22, 2007

The ugliest sweater

This is the sweater of dooooooooooom!

I made this sweater from Charmed Knits, which has patterns inspired by the Harry Potter series. This was supposed to be a Weasley sweater, done in almost magical time. It took me about 4 days, but I hadn't had time to quite finish it before the party on Friday. I had it all seamed and had the ends woven, but hadn't had time for the neckline. The results, as you can see, are so ugly that I busted up laughing and refused to let Orion wear it to the party. That would just have been mean.

Maybe I'll finish up that neckline and try to auction it off on ebay or something. Give it to the homeless. Anything, just to get it out of our home and out of my sight!

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juicyknits said...

You're so right about it. I hope it's out of his wardrobe.