Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lots of knitting, but not much to show

Considering how long it's been since the last time I've posted, you would think that I would have a ton to show for it, right? Wrong. I've done a lot of knitting, but I don't feel like I've gotten very far.

So here are the socks made from that beautiful Interlacement yarn:

I had wanted to make them toe up two at a time, but had messy problems with the cast on. I should have documented that, but was so frustrated at the time that I didn't think of it. What happened was that the endmost stitch kept getting longer and longer. No matter how I tried to tighten it, it kept getting bigger. I finally gave up when it was about an inch long. Then I would frog my work and do the same thing all over again. Ech.

Here is the progress on my mystery stole:

What we have here is a little in on clue 3. I forgot to take a picture after finishing clue 2, but that was only about 6 rows ago. I couldn't block it for this pic, though, because I would have had to turn on the light in the living room, which would have woken Orion. I can't wait to have that one-bedroom. I'm tired of being forced into the kitchen every morning.

Here is a soft little side project I did because it was mindless enough to bring to my first Stitch'n'Bitch meeting:

As a sidenote, the people there were awesome, but I had unwittingly stumbled in on bring-your-kids-to-SnB night. I have decided that I shouldn't have kids. I just don't know how to deal with them.

And finally, here is some lovely yarn that I bought since I loved that sock yarn so much:

The purple is my first Koigu. I had been eyeing this particular colorway for a while now, but hadn't wanted to pony up the $24 a pair of socks costs. After feeling just how nice it is to work with yummy sock yarn, I caved. The green is Jitterbug, and costs about the same. They are both so nice that sometimes I just touch the yarn. Does that make me crazy?

My final project, not documented here, is to make a Weasley sweater for the Harry Potter release party on Friday. I decided to do this Sunday night, rushed out to buy Charmed Knits (a book of Harry Potter-inspired patterns), and went to Michael's to buy some cheap-ass Red Heart yarn. 5 days. I had originally, insanely decided that I was going to make two of these sweaters. It would have been really hard, but not impossible. They have no shaping and are drop-shouldered, so they go pretty quick. However, I got so sick yesterday that I couldn't knit at all. There's no way that I can do it now. At least Orion will have his sweater. He's letting me read it first, so it's only fair that he gets the awesome costume. Even if it is Red Heart.


Jennifer said...

You are knitting a sweater in 5 days!!!???!! DAmned! And don't feel at all bad about your sock yarn. I had to buy 2 skeins of the Blue Moon Fiber sock yarn for my knee socks and I had them shipped seperately so they were $24 each.
I finally filled that Weaving Works punch card, and of course its already spent. Did you end up doing toe up for the pair in the first pic? I am quite in awe of all your work!

Cin said...

Yeah, I even ended up buying some more yarn, actually. That sock yarn is as addictive as crack, isn't it? I missed my bus and had to walk past a yarn store. I had to go to the bathroom and stumbled in there. Of course, since I used their bathroom I had to buy something, right? And since they had some Artyarn just sitting there ...

I didn't end up doing those toe up. I had really wanted to do them using a particular method, and I just couldn't get it working. I plan on trying again in the future.