Friday, May 9, 2008

I guess I'd been knitting a lot of socks

Life always seems to get in the way of knitting. I guess that's why I like knitting so many stockinette socks. That, and I have a penchant for hand-dyed yarns, which are best displayed by very plain stitch patterns. But I can make stockinette while reading, watching tv, or working. *Nothing* gets in the way of my stockinette socks.

Except driving, but I don't think I should try to change that.

There were a lot of socks in that last post. There are a few more here. Sorries!

Autumn Socks


For the Mystic Light shawl, I swatched with a yarn I had picked up while out of town. I liked how it was looking, but didn't really have enough yarn for a shawl. I called my favorite yarn store to see if they had my yarn. I was looking for Classic Elite Alpaca Sox. "You can't make socks with alpaca yarn." At the time, I didn't even *want* to make socks with alpaca, but I got a diatribe about how you *can't* make socks with alpaca. Needless to say, they did not carry my yarn.

I went on a Milwaukee yarn crawl with Orion a little while later. Misti Alpaca makes a beautiful hand-dyed worsted weight yarn, so soft and vibrant. I wanted it, loved touching it, but couldn't imagine what I would make with it. It was somewhat expensive, and I don't generally like multicolor yarns. Just for socks, but this was a worsted weight alpaca yarn. Orion pointed out that I didn't have house slippers like I'd made him. Alpaca slippers it is. You *can* make socks with alpaca yarn, you just can't expect them to hold up to hard use. These socks are a comforting luxury to come home to.

The Tragedy


These were socks I cast on a while back. I brought them to the yarn harlot event in case I finished the project I was working on before the event was over. I handed them over to Anna so that she would have something to work on. I brought them with me on the trip home to Seattle last weekend. These are socks with history.

They were made with yarn with history as well. I used this yarn to make a heart sachet for Carrie's 3-year bag. I didn't remember that until I ran out of yarn, about 3 inches from the end of the second sock. Ouch.

I've picked up some yarn in a coordinating color for toes, heels, and cuffs, for when I go to remake these. I just don't know if I'll have the heart to start on that any time soon.

Sorries to Sher


This is a poncho I'm making for my Aunt Sher, both as an apology for an insensitive conversation on my part, and because I want to make her happy. I think the purple color is happy and very Sher. I'm also hoping that the poncho will be easier for her to put on than her sweatshirt, but still comfy. I obviously haven't gotten very far with it, though.

Every time I work with cotton, though, I swear never to do it again. And then I do. I wish it didn't hurt my hands so much.

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