Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mystic Lights KAL

I've been working on the Mystic Light KAL. It's on clue 3 now, but these are the first pictures I've taken of mine. I think mine looks a lot different than everyone else's. I'm guessing that it's largely because I used a different double decrease than was called for and the yarn I used gives a lot less definition than most the others used.

Mystic Light shawl after clue 3

Close-up of Mystic Light shawl after clue 3

The pictures aren't the greatest, since Kitty kept attacking the shawl while I was trying to pin it out. She was trying to eat the shawl. Then she tried to use it as a scratching post. I had to lock her in the bathroom just so that I could get this. She has been a big brat lately. I didn't want to leave her in there long, so I just pinned it out as fast as I could on the floor and stuck a couple pieces of paper under it to show the lace better. High quality, high class, no? But Kitty thanks you for forgiving me. ;-)

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