Sunday, October 21, 2007

That didn't last long

I've cast on three projects since the last post, and I haven't finished a single one of the projects that had been hanging over my head. But I'm an adult now, and I don't have to finish my stuff if I don't want to!

I think everyone should take a look at this site. Awesomest useless knitting ever. If I could go to the gallery show, I would.

So yesterday, instead of working (which I really should have been doing), Orion and I went on a road trip to Devil's Lake State Park, going over the utterly creepy cable-driven Merrimac ferry. After that, we came home and watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with RiffTrax. We then were trying to figure out what else Gene Wilder had been in, and saw an ad for Nightmare Before Christmas 3D. Within ten minutes we were out the door and on the way to the theater. It was an awesome day, full of hyperlinks. Maybe that will make up for the lack of pictures.

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