Monday, October 29, 2007

Fast blanket

Okay, can't talk long cuz I've got to get to work, but here is what I've accomplished this week.

Hemlock Ring Blanket - after blocking

This is the Hemlock Ring Blanket from Brooklyn Tweed.

As always, before blocking, the lace pattern looked like ass.

Hemlock Ring Blanket, pre-blocking

But after blocking, even clumsy, unsophisticated blocking like mine, the project looked right pretty.

Hemlock Ring Detail

And finally, the socks that I've been working on. I worry that they are a little tight, but I think they should be okay.

Argyle2 socks

Now off to work!


Anonymous said...

love the hemlock, what yarn did you use?

Anonymous said...

I saw this on Brooklyn Tweed, too, and loved it! I look out for new and useful ways to incorporate doily motifs (I love making doilies, but don't like displaying them) & this definitely stood out. How long did it take you?


Cin said...

The yarn is Harrisville New England Highland in Dove Grey. It took me about a week from yarn purchase to pulling the pins from the blocking, but the last couple repeats felt like they lasted lifetimes.