Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Have I lost my mojo?

Two weeks have passed since last we spoke, oh non-existant reader. I suppose that if I wanted more people to read the blog, I would 1. write more often, and 2. get the word out about it. Instead, I just wonder why my posts have 0 comments when I look at them every hour. Imagine that. ;-)

I haven't really been blogging because I haven't really been knitting. Oh I've been buying yarn all right. I've bought enough hand-dyed for at least six pairs of socks. However, I keep getting sick. And moving out of Austin.

There is one pair of socks that I was working on that you will never see here. It seems that everywhere I turned, someone was talking about Jaywalker socks. So I started knitting up a pair. I've seen some beautiful versions of the sock. Mine was not one of them. It was too tight for the intended recipient, and it bunched at the instep. The ribbing didn't stay straight - it did this weird scallopy thing. I was having no fun knitting it. So two inches from the toe, I frogged it all.

My Jaywalker Socks:

I want to repeat: There are beautiful versions. The sock pattern is not to blame. Something was just off. I think my needles were probably too small for the yarn, that my double decrease stitches were too loose, and my kf&b increases were too tight. It is a project to try again in the future.

So, on to the other things I've been working on. I started on a shawl. I think I was feeling guilty about not knitting a pi shawl for Elizabeth's Year. Here is what I'm knitting in its stead:

I've been slowly sewing up the grey cardi. It looks as if the arms are going to be way too long.

And finally, slow progress on the mystery stole:

Things have gotten...weird...since the newest clue. I have decided, as Melanie suggested, to just work the clue I'm on, then repeat the process in order to make a symmetrical stole.

So, anybody want me to talk about anything?


Mary said...

Your work is so great! (Just like You!!)

Your grey sweater is beautiful. What is the mystery stole? Will all these pieces make something?

Jennifer said...

Your mystery stole is absolutely gorgeous. I love it!
I am still in love with the Regia self striping yarn I am making some socks with. Have you ever done the 'after thought' or Eastern heel? Looks like you do the heel last, which is weird but creates a pretty pattern on the striped yarn.
How's your work and all that goodness?
And don't you pretend that I don't read your blog, 'cause obviously I do! Can you make a post with links to the knitting blogs you read? I would be interested in that.
Love you

Anonymous said...

Is that some easy reading underneath your jaywalker socks?

Jennifer said...

Just wanted to let you know, I took the keyboard out of the dishwasher and let it dry for about three weeks. I plugged it in last night and the damned thing works! Yay! I love NPR.

Cin said...

Hey guys!

Mary -- The mystery stole will be kinda like a wide lace scarf, but worn around the shoulders like a shawl or something. Fancy people like Krissy wear them sometimes. Or mannequins. Like the ones over by the belts. ;-)

Jen -- I have done an afterthought heel before. They can be particularly nice if you need to reinforce the bottome of the heel as well as the back, since you knit the whole heel cup and nothing else at one time. I don't usually do them because I'm not the best at making short rows, but I've been trying to practice for the above reason. I never wear out the backs of my socks - always the bottom.

I don't think I could do the keyboard thing. You are totally braver than me. I would be terrified of hooking it up. I'd worry a lot less about ruining it than electrocuting myself!

Anon -- Yeah, Orion and I were (seperately) wondering if anyone would notice that. He's studying for his qualifying exam. I would read it too, but 1) he needs it, and 2) I'm too busy studying for work. They make me take tests! I'm in class all day! ACK!

Jennifer said...

The very best demonstration for short rows I have seen is in a copy of a knit picks catalog about two back, if you want I can make a copy and send it to you...maybe I can get Jarett to scan it in... Because the hardest part is picking up the wraps once you get back to them and that gives the best explanation on how to get them to look right.
I tried their technique and they look absolutely perfect!

Anna said...

I had a similar experience to your Jaywalkers, except with some Hedera socks. Turns out I had been doing something wrong the whole time, got down to the heel flap, and just decided to frog it. The yarn really wanted to be Monkeys instead. That pattern is loads of fun!

Welcome to Wisconsin!