Saturday, June 23, 2007


Someone, possibly at Knitter's Review has turned me on to a mystery stole knit along. Part of the mystery is that now I have no idea who gave me the idea. In any case, it's like crack. None of the "clues" are out yet, but I have been reading all of the posts and looking at countless test swatches. I even did one of my own -- how unlike me!

If you want to join, do it soon. It closes to new members on July 6th.

Random Yarn PR0N!!!!!

I saw this just sitting there, looking all lonely at my LYS. It needed a home. It needed a purpose. I have given it both. Just one look, and I knew it was destined to be in MY home, on MY needles, ending up on MY feet. It was love at first sight.

There has been progress on the Swing Cardigan:

The fronts are done, and the sleeves are over halfway. After that, it's all finishing, baby.

As per Jen's suggestion, I discussed the possibility of hiring out the dirty work with the folks at Lakeside, but they weren't sure. I think they aren't used to machine sewing requests. If I can't get someone to do it, I'm either going to buy a sewing machine or come up with something ingenious. Maybe I'll put tiny buttonholes in the ribbon, sew them on, and then just use little buttons that don't really need a buttonhole... In any case, there is no way that this would be getting cut if I sew it by hand. I don't trust my hand-sewing that well.

Now off to arena football!!!!!

Just in case any of you were worried, I've finally located my little lost sock yarn. It was safely in my stash the whole time, snuggled under some acrylic that I would have sworn hadn't moved in at least 4 months.

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Jennifer said...

speaking of buying things to feed your addiction, such as a sewing machine. Have you picked up a swift yet? If so, where did you get it and how much was it? I think I need one. I hate having to bring in yarn I bought online into my LYS and use theirs, not that I am not buying stuff from them too...its just, you know..I feel like I don't want to get caught doing it.