Monday, May 28, 2007

The Back is Done!!!

So I got the back done for my lovely Swing Cardigan. Of course it still needs blocking -- I am so terrible about finishing my pieces. I never feel like weaving in ends or sewing up seams. I'm such a lazy knitter.

A while back I also did a lovely little lace skirt. I've long since finished knitting it, but it still needs blocking and some detailing. I can't seem to find a ribbon yarn that I want to use for accents. I tried to take some pictures of the semi-finished product while wearing it, but the camera angle made me look fat. Just kidding! My weight had nothing to do with it, it's just that the angle didn't show off the skirt very well, so Orion and I are going to try again later. But there's still a pic that can give you an idea:

This is the lace that edges the bottom. More on that when I can get a better pic.

In non-knitting info, here is my beautiful home:

We'll only be living here for a couple more months. We're moving to a one bedroom two doors down in August. I'm actually a little sad about it. I know it's only a studio and the kitchen is WAY too small for us, but I like our home.

The top news story on the local Fox channel for two days running: brats are 50 cents more expensive this year than last.

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Jennifer said...

I like what I can see of the skirt. What are the sleeves going to be like on the cardigan?
And your place is cute (all except the avocado green counter tops and accents).